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About Us

Our mission is to revolutionize B2B product management by enabling qualitative data insights at scale

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Our Story

We're a team of 3 people with 27 years of combined experience in product management, web development, and AI. We worked together in the same team for the last 5 years. 

During our work on B2B products, we've always been passionate about sales calls. We believed that there was gold hidden in those customer interactions and only if we could tap into it, we could unlock new revenue opportunities for our business. 

But making sense of sales calls at scale was super difficult. The volume of calls was huge, and the amount of time you had to spend to make sense of it was huge. We had to rely on incomplete processes, biased human feedback, opinion-based prioritization, etc... 

So when LLMs and broader AI became available, we immediately knew what problem we wanted to solve with it. LLMs are specifically built for making sense ion large unstructured text so analyzing call transcripts was a very natural use case for them!

We believe our approach to this problem is much different from the rest because we are very focused on calls and think that in the B2B context calls are the MOST important source of feedback that drives revenue. More important than reviews, tickets, surveys, etc... At Luxa, calls are the star of the show, and not "yet another integration".

So we made it our mission to unlock the gems that are hidden in the calls and arm B2B product folks with data that's never been possible before. 

That belief gives us energy in the morning to get up and continue building Luxa!

And this is just the beginning...

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