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Get product insights from sales calls automatically

Auto-extract insights from customer calls, enabling B2B product managers to prioritize with facts, not opinions.

B2B focused

AI powered


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Uncover reality and make smart product decisions by knowing what your customers say 

  • No need to ask to join sales calls

  • No need to watch hundreds of call recordings

  • No need to ask to provide "top customer requests"

  • No need to have a manual sync process between teams

  • No need to manually collect, categorize, and enrich customer feedback

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Save time joining and listening to calls

Luxa integrates with Gong, analyzes the sales and customer success call transcripts, and uses AI to extract feature requests, painpoints, and praise like you would do manually.

No need to join every call, no need to spend hours listening just for 10 minutes of relevant product feedback. 

Prioritize based on reality, not opinions

The real power is in automatically combining the insights with the CRM account data, allowing you to sort insights by total ARR, churn risk, sales cycle, or request frequency.

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Align Product, Sales and Success teams around the same data

Luxa helps B2B product teams connect features to ARR, justify work by qualitative feedback, and align Product with Sales and Executives with unprecedented ease all while staying agile and efficient.

Built specifically for sales-led B2B product management 

We believe current B2B tools neglect sales-driven feedback. Vital insights are often lost in sales calls, resulting in reliance on biased human feedback.


That's why we're building Luxa, powered by GPT-4, to efficiently capture and analyze this essential feedback for fueling b2b sales-led growth.

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